Video Productions by The Alpine Geek

Video Production Video Production by the Alpine Geek in Estes Park, Colorado
Video is an Alpine Geek specialty. No matter what type of needs you have, I'll work with you to create your perfect video, which you can distribute in a variety of ways, including:

Variety of Uses
Do you have a product that needs some instructions for use? Let Alpine Geek produce an instructional video to include with your product packaging, or drive clients to your site for online streaming instructions, increasing your website traffic.

Real Estate Video Tours by Alpine Geek Have a special property you'd like to showcase? The standard "virtual tours" on most real estate websites are pretty boring compared to the rich media content now becoming the new standard. These types of videos can include animated still images, video, plans & drawings, music, voice-overs, and more. They can even be made to be interactive. Here's a couple of examples.

Want to promote your product or services? There's no better medium than video. Let me produce a video that will let customers learn about your company through an engaging and entertaining video. Or perhaps you need a television commercial produced without breaking the bank. Contact the Alpine Geek and ask for a personalized quote. See some video examples here.

Have a story to tell? I'll help you tell it. Need help with your fundraising or organization awareness? Videos are a proven method to tell your story and help increase awareness of your organization through a thoughtfully presented video presentation. Perhaps your company or organization just wants to let the public know more about who you are and what you do.

Below is a piece I recently made for The YMCA of the Rockies. It tells the story about the history of the famous institution using mainly historical still images (animated), with a professional voice-over, music, and several video clips. It's about 23 minutes long and has been very well received. Althouth the file size of this video is just over 90 MB, notice how well it streams with this fantastic new technology.

The web delivery method in this case is Flash Video (.flv), the new standard for video over the internet. It's the same format that YouTube and other major video sites have adopted as the best format. Since it's Flash, you can have cool player interfaces, too. Notice how the interface disappears when you move your mouse away from the video area and will reappear when you hover over it again.

Green Screen and Virtual Sets can add a dramatic and surrealistic effect to a video. You can be placed anywhere you'd like in a virtual world. Or choose a "real world" video clip or still image as your background. Virtually anything you can dream up, can be a reality. See an example here and another here.

Typical uses for this type of production include:

  • Musical Performances
  • Company News Presentations
  • Website Video Greeting
  • Introductions to Videos or Presentations
  • Video Newsletters