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Real Estate Multimedia Tours
Have a special property you'd like to showcase? The standard "virtual tours" on most real estate websites are pretty boring compared to the rich media content now becoming the new standard. These types of videos can include animated still Real Estate Tours by AlpineGeek.comimages, video, plans & drawings, music, voice-overs, and more. They can even be made to be interactive.

Below are two examples of this type of property tour. These examples were created from still images, which were animated in the "Ken Burns" style, with music and text. A voice over could have been easily added, as well as video clips and interactivity. Although these tours were originally for distribution on DVD's for playback on full-size televisions, they "repurpose" well for use on the web, however the text would have been increased in size for web distribution.

Real Estate Multimedia Tour Examples
Another Example

These types of home tours are a fresh approach to marketing a property and are more affordable than you might think. To find out more, contact