Multimedia Productions by The Alpine Geek

From interactive CD's & DVD's, to website presentations, the Alpine Geek has you covered. A multimedia production can showcase video, still images & animated still images, old movie footage, voice-over's, music, and more. All transformed into a cohesive and entertaining presentation, delivered via CD or DVD, business card CD, streaming media or downloads on websites, and more.

You can even upload them to sites like You Tube and share them with the world. You might be surprised how many people would view it.

Still Image Animation
A technique pioneered by renowned documentarian, Ken Burns, this style of presentation is a breath of fresh air compared to the old slide show presentations.

Below is an example of using still images to create a real estate presentation. The original delivery method was on DVD for playing on full size televisions, but you can see how well it can be repurposed for use on the web. A voice-over could have been added if the client wished.

The web delivery method in this case is Flash Video (.flv), the new standard for video over the internet. It's the same format that You Tube and other major video sites have adopted as the best format. Since it's Flash, you can have cool player interfaces, too. Notice how the interface dissapears when you move your mouse away from the video area and will reappear when you hover over it again.

Stay tuned... I'll be adding more examples soon.